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abook_idSequential IDint(10) unsignedNOPRINULLauto_increment
abook_accountaccount.account_id of the channel which owns this recordint(10) unsignedNOMULNULL
abook_channelchannel.channel_id of the channel which owns this recordint(10) unsignedNOMULNULL
abook_xchanxchan.xchan_hash of the target identity (this channel's connection)char(255)NOMUL
abook_my_permsbitfield of all specific permissions granted this connectionint(11)NOMUL0
abook_their_permsbitfield of all permissions granted to you by this connectionint(11)NOMUL0
abook_closeness"closeness" value for optional affinity tool, 0-99tinyint(3) unsignedNOMUL99
abook_createdDatetime this record was createddatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
abook_updatedDatetime this record was modifieddatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
abook_connecteddatetime of last successful "poll" for this connectiondatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
abook_dobDatetime of connection's birthday converted from *their* timezone to UTCdatetimeNOMUL0000-00-00 00:00:00
abook_flagsNo longer usedint(11)NOMUL0
abook_profileprofile.guid of profile to display to this connection if authenticatedchar(64)NOMUL
abook_blockedBi-directional communications with this channel are blocked, regardless of other permissions. int(11)NOMUL0
abook_ignoredIncoming communications from this channel are blocked, regardless of other permissions.  int(11)NOMUL0
abook_hiddenThis connection will not be shown as a connection to anybody but the channel ownerint(11)NOMUL0
abook_archivedThis connection is likely non-functioning and the entry and conversations are preserved, but further polled communications will not be attempted. int(11)NOMUL0
abook_pendingA connection request was received from this channel but has not been approved by the channel owner, public communications may still be visible but no additional permissions have been granted. int(11)NOMUL0
abook_unconnectedcurrently unused. Projected usage is to indicate "one-way" connections which were insitgated on this end but are still pending on the remote end. int(11)NOMUL0
abook_selfis a special case where the owner is the target. Every channel has one abook entry with abook_self and with a target abook_xchan set to channel.channel_hash . When this flag is present, abook_my_perms is the default permissions granted to all new connections and several other fields are
abook_feedindicates this connection is an RSS/Atom feed and may trigger special
abook_inclconnection filter allow rules separated by LFtextNOMUL0
abook_exclconnection filter deny rules separated by LFtextNOMUL0
abook_instancecomma separated list of site urls of all channel clones that this connection is connected with (used only for singleton networks which don't support cloning)textNOMUL0

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